HELLBRINGER is a SOLO-COOP Dark Fantasy Roguelike card and dice game where you ventures into the darkness of a dungeon to slay its mighty demon.

  • Roguelike card game
  • Card management
  • Perception based combat
  • Player Versus Monster (PvM)
  • Character Builder and Progression (Hero Building)
  • All or Nothing
  • Turn Based


You’d like to play? The digital version of the game Hellbringer is available for free.

Important: To play the game, you need to have Tabletop Simulator on PC.



Hellbringer offers 10 Scenarios which will be available in narrated text and audio, as well as a Soundtrack specially designed for the game to fully immerse you in its demonic universe!
In order to see an enemy and attack him, the player will need a  perception equal or greater than that of his opponent. The enemy will then be classified on the enemy board on the IN SIGHT section. However, each new location in the dungeon will increase the prerequisite for all enemies in play, making the descent even more difficult.
The sum of a target’s Health Points and Armor Points defines the total needed to eliminate it. If the result is lower, the target will survive. These attributes never vary due to damage from an attack, allowing the player to avoiding lots of calculations and having to remember the attributes of all creatures in play.
Despite the luck of the dice and cards, the progression and optimization of your character through Items, Enchantments, Companions, Attribute Points and Skills allow you to better control it and feel an evolution when in game. When an enemy is eliminated, the card becomes an attribute point. The player can then increase an attribute permanently. The player will also be able to permanently learn skills from their classes or common skills, in order to reuse them each turn. No matter what class you select, the game encourages you to explore other options with the ability to use any skill and perform powerful combos.
The richness of the game is felt when played in COOP. You will be able to Offer a card to a playerResurrect an eliminated player and Create combos by using certain cards to improve the damage of your teammates. But beware, the more players you have, the greater the difficulty.

Loot & Merchant Expansion

Every kill now grants loot! While exploring the dungeon you may find Portals that take you to the Merchant, where you can buy and sell items, as well as trade with other players to prepare your party before heading back to slay some monsters.

This expansion also features item sets!

Quests & Events Expansion

Each time you start your turn you will now roll the Event Die, which could be a boon in the form of a Chest, Shrine or Barrel, lead you to a Side Quest, trigger a Trap, Ambush and more!

This expansion also features 8 new locations, allowing you to select your own path to reach the final demon.

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