Maxime Gauthier is the creator and designer of the game Hellbringer.

Even if this project might be his first successful Kickstarter Campaign, Maxime has already signed games with multiple Canadian publisher. As a matter of fact, Hellbringer is his 7th game designed and 5th edited.

Having always dreamed of creating his own Hack-N-Slash game, he started creating Hellbringer and its universe under the musical vibe of Matt Uelmen and Russell Shaw.

With the music of these 90’s games, he started designing Hellbringer by bringing back the old memories and emotions he had while playing the original Diablo on his old Pentium II. The fear he got when his character opened for the first time the Butcher’s door. Same feeling goes for the first time you appear in the Catacomb, Cave and Hell… This feeling of fear and nostalgia is what droven Max to recreate a game that would make his, and others, experience again the same kind of emotion. While keeping in mind the horror and gothic style this iconic game had, he started his work to recreate what attracted him when he was younger.

After working for over 5 years with Eric Bleney, the creator of Dark Mages, Maxime acquired the Dark Mages franchise. Lots of the ideas Eric and Max that were intent for the cancelled project of Dark Mages: Advance edition have been used in Hellbringer. This project is like his little brother and might grow in something even bigger!

With his education in computer graphics, he created several designs and always finds new ideas for board games. Max always been very creative and artistic. While been very active withing the french-canadian designers community located in Quebec, Canada, his the ultimate goal would be to work full time on his boardgame projects.

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