Hellbringer’s bestiary is vast, and includes 60 enemies with unique characteristics and abilities.

Enemies are divided into three groups:

  1. Starting monsters (Encountered at the beginning of the game only)
  2. Monsters (Encountered in the darkness of the dungeon)
  3. Demons (The last creature to fight to win the game)

All enemies in play attack at the same time and hit their targets according to the enemies’ attack die. When the die is rolled, the result is applied:

  • Player priority hit (2/6 chance)
  • Companion priority hit (2/6 chance)
  • Global hit (1/6 chance)
  • Missed and discarded 2 cards in hand (1/6 chance)

During your turn, you must choose your actions wisely in order to eliminate your enemies as quickly as possible before others are added and their numbers are too large, otherwise their damage and effects will be fatal.

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