Dark mages has been acquired

Hi there!

This message will be a little more formal given its subject.

As you may have noticed, the Dark Mages game has been sold. Eric, the main creator of the game, has left a message in regards to this.

I would like to introduce myself quickly and explain in more detail who I am, how I acquired the franchise and why this is good news. This will provide a better explanation for the future of this game. In addition, I will attempt to answer all of your questions you may have pertaining to the future of Dark Mages.

My name is Maxime Gauthier. I have been working in the board game industry for almost eight years and I have worked closely with Eric, the designer of Dark Mages, for about five years. However, I had to withdraw from the project shortly before the advanced edition launched. Finally, following the Kickstarter campaign which was unsuccessful, we reached an agreement to sell Dark Mages. 

In the meantime, I started designing a new game called HELLBRINGER; a SOLO-COOP game with a darker and more gothic theme than Dark Mages, which reuses many of the concepts that were planned for the advanced edition. Eric and I consider this new game the “little brother” of Dark Mages. 

Where is Dark Mages going in this case? For the moment, in the closet. Maybe it will come back one day in a new version, but for now, I plan to reuse some images and concepts because his little brother is already fast approaching and his future looks very bright!

With this, I recommend you subscribe to the HELLBRINGER page so you don’t miss anything because more information about the game will follow shortly and I am sure you will enjoy the whole game and the similarities it shares with Dark Mages.

Thank you! Eric will continue to answer any questions you may have in regards to the technicalities of Dark Mages, so please feel free to reach out to him. 

Feel free to join our Hellbringer’s Facebook page,

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