Hellbringer presentation

From the very beginning of its conception, HELLBRINGER was greatly influenced by the great and famous Hack-N-Slash type games of this world, especially the first installment of the Diablo series, which you will certainly be able to spot here and there.

Having always dreamed of creating my own Hack-N-Slash, I started creating this game and its universe under the musical vibe of Matt Uelmen (Diablo) and Russell Shaw (Dungeon Keeper).

After working with my good friend Eric from Dark Mages, I started creating HELLBRINGER by reusing some principles of his game and adding the mechanics that I always dreamed of seeing in an RPG and Hack-n-Slash board game.

While keeping in mind the horror and gothic style these games have, I implemented intuitive and simple mechanics to allow efficient and fast playability. I created a game focused on SOLO and COOP play, and moved away from the competitive side these games usually have. For me, the result is unequivocal and I hope you enjoy all the time and effort I put into this game.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me, near or far, to make HELLBRINGER what it is today.

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