Hellbringer’s launched on Kickstarter!

Hi everyone!

Finally, the day has arrived: The Hellbringer launch has begun!

I’d like to take a moment to thank some people that really helped me creating this game:
– My great friend Jimbo James, collaborator, helper and playtester.
– Eric Bleney, the creator of Dark Mages and good friend!
– Nicolas Morin, one of the first awesome playtester.
– Arié Zarka, that gave me great tips.
– Chelsea Young, for the translation.
– Vazerum, for his English correction and his enthusiasm.
– Johanne Cyr, my mother, for the French correction.
– Alain Gauthier, my father, for the support and music composing.
– To the enthusiasts: Hecatre, Glux, Rohinn, Zalera, Cyber, EquiX, sheg, The Fournz…
– And of course… YOU. You that played the game and/or support the project!

Thank you! It is an honor that you have faith in my project, and I can only wish the best for it.

I invite you to join and support the project on Kickstarter:


⤤ You can share the following link with your friends, the more backers there will be, the more chance the project will be successful!

Your help is much more than appreciated!
Thank you!

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