Kickstarter campaign cancelled, relaunch planned

Hello everyone!

This message is a bit difficult to announce, but it is getting obvious: The campaign has to be cancelled.

The timing is not good, the Cost and the Goal are too high and too few people are willing to back the project!
Clearly, I need to do more invoice work and look for other suppliers and make sure the price is more affordable.
And with Christmas coming up and all the big companies releasing games in the meantime…
All of these elements made overshadowed Hellbringer’s campaign.

So! I am announcing that the campaign will be cancelled, BUT that a relaunch is already in the plans.

I invite you to send me your comments, whether it’s about the presentation of the Kickstarter page, the game, the rules, the marketing, whatever you’d like to share with me…
I’m taking note of everything to come back with a revamped super boosted version of it on the next KS.

I’d like to thanks all the backers, all the interested parties, all the people who helped me make Hellbringer.

This is not a goodbye, as I invite you to join the growing community on Discord.

I can already tell you the date I plan to relaunch:
March 1st 2023 at 14:00EST

And I suggest you to register to the newsletter on the website or to our Discord to not miss any news about the relaunch.

Thank you again for your support and see you soon in

Enough jokes, we’ll see you soon, let’s stay positive!

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