The Lich King of Brack’Nar – Tome I

Here is an excerpt from the first tome of The Lich King of Brack’nar campaign. Note that this text will also be available in audio.



Beneath Brack’Nar Cemetery, in the infested crypts of the undead, my brothers and I had to face our fears. I was chosen, like all of my fellow soldiers, to eradicate the terrible demon reigning in this remote land.

In his tomb, my brothers and I fought a difficult battle against the Lich King, but came out alive and victorious. During the fight, a strange magic pierced me as I gave the final blow to this demonic creature. Fortunately, the dead around us all fell apart on the grimy and dusty ground.

Back at camp, my comrades feasted all night. In my dreams, I was seized by a tormenting migraine as screams bounced endlessly in my head.


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