Sight Board

Hellbringer innovates thanks to a particular mechanic which should impress you by its simplicity and its efficiency.

Perception is a unique mechanic that allows players to see and attack their opponents. In order to be able to attack an opponent, the player must have a number equal or greater than that of his opponent, then the opponent is judged In Sight. If the number is lower, the opponent is considered Out of Sight. In co-op mode, the Mixed Sight section is used on the perception board to remind players that only some of them see these enemies.

This perception mechanic does not apply to enemies who constantly see players and their companions.

This perception mechanic interacts closely with Location cards which add enemies to the game and increase their perception requirements, making your descent increasingly difficult. A big dilemma will thus surface: Are you going to sacrifice perception points for more damage to easily take out enemies within your range, or give up more power to allow you to see all the enemies that are piling up to surround you?

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