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 Full Hellbringer’s Soundtrack HQ (47,5mo)

 Full Hellbringer’s Soundtrack LQ (23,8mo)

*Note that theses soundtracks can be used in any kind of video related to the Hellbringer game but must credit and include a link to the Hellbringer website. Any video containing one or many of theses soundtracks that does not credit elements above will be asked to add some.

Why did you created music?

Don’t you like to be immersed in a game through its music? Well, I do and that is why I decided to compose the game’s soundtracks.
With the help of talented musicians (Jonas Lefvert, Rusty Robot and my father Alain Gauthier) I’ve been able to compose a soundtrack that fits what I had in mind for this game.

The music created by Matt Uelmen (Diablo) and Russell Shaw (Dungeon Keeper) have greatly inspired me to create background music for Hellbringer. Several soundtracks have be created for Hellbringer for a total of approximately 30 minutes of playtime. These tracks will follow one another in order to make the players understand where they are and what are the dangers that await them.

For me, the immersion of a game is with it’s music and I hope that people will enjoy that.I hope to include many more soundtracks in the future.
All the official soundtracks of the game are also available for free on the Hellbringer’s Youtube channel in the link below.

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