What will you find in Hellbringer?

HELLBRINGER was created to have as few draws, dice, calculations or complex mechanics as possible.

While each class has its own unique mechanics, it is permitted to use any skills or weapons of other classes. You could create a magician warrior, or a hunter monk if you feel like it, but each class has its own specialization. You will have to face many obstacles in order to optimize your character during the game. Therefore, any of the cards in the game can be of use to your hero.
This is where the game comes into its own!

HELLBRINGER stands out with following aspects:

  • 6 unique asymetric classes
  • Immersive background music
  • Nine stories in narrated audio and text
  • Focused on seven mechanics:
    • Line of sight (Perception)
    • Progression (Attribute Points)
    • Combos
    • Skills/Abilities
    • Equip items
    • Enhancement
    • Companions

All of these will be discussed in more detail shortly.

Does this game intrigue you?

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