Stormshield theme song

Listen to one of the official soundtrack of Hellbringer, composed by the talented guitarist Jonas Lefvert.

Inspired by the Matt Uelmen Tristram theme from Diablo (1996), Jonas started making the music with the atmosphere of this iconic song and created simple riff with some harmonics. Continued with many chords in different positions, a calmer part which led to dim chords with accelerando. Many parts returns, but are mixed a little differently to get variations and a more exciting structure of the song.

Jonas sended the first version of the song to me and I helped him adding some low mixed flute and give him some new ideas and suggestions for the song. After about 10hours of editing, I’ve tried to show Jonas to his best by editing the best video I could.

I hope you enjoy the video and see how much love Jonas and I putted into it!
Do not forget to subscribe to Jonas Lefvert social media to hear more of his compositions!

Thank you for listening,
            Jonas Lefvert

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