Hellbringer’s world

HELLBRINGER, once known as HOLYBRINGER, was a continent that was colonized a millennia ago. This vast territory, once a home for all living beings desiring adventure, peace and prosperity, lost all its charm when the nine demons invaded the land from the underworld. At the very beginning of the invasion, an alliance was formed, known as Stormshield, and a great war broke out between the demons and the alliance. Sadly, there were many victims, and demonic creatures managed to push the alliance back into one place named in its honor. Since then, an endless struggle between good and evil has raged. Many of the heroes who, in their attempt to achieve glory and restore peace, passed from light to darkness. These once luscious and green lands have turned into arid, parched, and gloomy lands.

The vast plains lining the citadel of Stormshield have become cemeteries where the carcasses of valiant warriors and the corpses of slain demons lay. Nevertheless, the last fortress of light continues to stand against the terrible demons of the infested lands, and a new small group of heroes are preparing to take down the nine demons in order to restore peace to their continent ravaged by chaos.

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