Location cards

Location cards represent the locations where players are in the current dungeon. They are distributed in order in the common draw pile and when drawn new enemies emerge and take advantage of the darkness that reigns there to attack the heroes.

In total, there are 5 locations:

  • Graveyard (starting location)
  • Crypts
  • Caves
  • Hell
  • Tomb (Encounter with the Demon from the campaign)

The further you descend into the depths of the dungeon, the more the enemies increase their prerequisites for sight bonus in order to see and attack them. For example, an Ogre with a prerequisite of 3 in sight will have a prerequisite of 4 if encountered in the Crypts (Since the Crypts location gives him +1). However, the same Ogre encountered in Hell will have a prerequisite of 6 sight points (Since the Hell location gives him +3).

It is therefore important to choose the right equipment and attributes point so that your hero can have his enemies in sight in order to attack and eliminate them before others join in and surround you in too many numbers.

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